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Stone Island with Fondazione Pitti Discovery presents STONE ISLAND 30 an exhibition of thirty years of history, research and experimentation under the patronage of the Comune di Firenze on the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo n°82 Stazione Leopolda, Florence

The aim of this website is to make live, or relive in digital mode, the experience of STONE ISLAND 30, the exhibition on the first 30 years of Stone Island, from 1982 to 2012.

The menswear clothing bran The menswear clothing brand, owned by Sportswear Company and headed by Carlo Rivetti, runs through three decades entirely spent researching and experimenting with textiles, studying the function and use of clothing, often investigating worlds far distant from apparel. A vision and a means of investigation recognised as an indispensable reference point for the world of sportswear and design today.

The show, produced by Stone Island and hosted by the Fondazione Pitti Discovery, under the patronage of the Comune di Firenze, is curated by the British creatives Simon Foxton and Nick Griffiths.

In the 2,000 plus square metres of the historic space of Stazione Leopolda, that still maintains unaltered the atmosphere of industrial archaeology, the exhibition is subdivided into ten different areas that deal with all the themes of excellence explored by Stone Island. An exhibition meant to recount not only a part of the history of apparel, but also to illustrate the deep research into fabrics and their treatments as finished garments. A symbolic evocation of the workshops of Renaissance craftsmen, brought into the present through the specific manufacturing processes that led to the creation of the celebrated Made in Italy.

There are two possible paths to live the experience: ITINERARY and EXHIBITION MAP.

ITINERARY is the guided tour, leading the visitor, room after room, through the physical exhibition.

EXHIBITION MAP enables the visitor to navigate the rooms of the exhibition in an independent and selective mode.

VIDEO TOUR is the 10 minutes film, a long progression-like one shot, running through the whole exhibition.

EXTRAS is the website section hosting the downloadable photos and posters of the exhibition.

CREDITS: the recognition to all the people who made STONE ISLAND 30 possible.

The exhibition displays more than 200 pieces from the archives, representing the innumerable treatments, tests and processes that were required to create them. A wealth of experience and knowledge in which the visitor is submerged through a continuous sensorial dialogue with images, sounds and lights.

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